The D15 Diversity Plan process has been established to create a community-based middle school diversity plan for School District 15 in Brooklyn, New York.

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is committed to supporting schools and programs that reflect New York City’s diversity. On June 6, 2017, we shared Equity and Excellence for All: Diversity in New York City Public Schools. As part of this citywide school diversity plan, we are providing more formal support to community school districts in the development of district-level diversity plans.

Our goal is to create a D15 Diversity Plan that will promote diversity in District 15’s middle schools and also be a model for district-level work across New York City. To best meet this goal, we are engaging community members, using their input to help shape the plan, and making data related to school diversity more transparent.

What’s Happening Now?

We are working with urban planning and design firm WXY Studio and the D15 community to develop the D15 Diversity Plan by the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Brooklyn’s School District 15 (Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Kensington, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Red Hook, and Windsor Terrace) is a choice school district for middle schools—there are no zoned middle schools in the district, which means that its 11 middle schools do not serve a specific geographic area within District 15. Ten of these middle schools use a screened admissions method, which means they consider students’ grades, test scores, attendance, and/or other factors when making matches.

In August 2017, WXY and DOE representatives began meeting with District 15’s local leaders and community stakeholders including parents, students, school advocacy groups, elected officials, community-based organizations, citywide school diversity organizations, and education policy experts. Throughout the fall, we continued to work with community stakeholders to refine the process; focusing on inclusivity and accessibility.

The D15 Diversity Plan Working Group held their first meeting in December 2017 and began planning the first community event, Public Workshop #1.

What Comes Next?

Join us for Public Workshop #1 on Tuesday, February 13, from 6:30-8:30pm at Sunset Park High School!

Public Workshops are open to all D15 community members. Parents, students, teachers, and administrators are all encouraged to attend. Public Workshop #1 will provide a chance for community members to learn more about the planning and engagement process, to provide feedback on the middle school admissions process, and to share their goals and priorities for—as well as questions about—school diversity.

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  • Public Workshop #1: Introduction

    Sunset Park High School
    February 13, 2018 6:30 PM → 8:30 PM

About the Process


We are committed to creating a D15 Diversity Plan shaped by the values and priorities of District 15’s diverse community and to developing specific and actionable recommendations. The planning process will directly engage community members, use their input as the basis for recommendations, and make data related to school diversity more transparent.

The planning process will engage a wide range of topics related to school diversity which may include; race, equity, admissions policies, culturally responsive curricula, overcrowding, school quality, resource allocation, safety, restorative justice and staff representation, among others. Community input will guide which specific areas of diversity our research, discussion, and meetings will focus on.

Potential Areas of Focus

Areas of focus will be developed based on public workshop findings and on Working Group discussions—they may include the following:

  • Equitable Resource Allocation
  • Admissions Policies & Information
  • Overcrowding
  • School Environment & Activities


The four phases of the D15 Diversity planning process are:

  1. Introduction – Finalize roles and responsibilities. Introduce the planning process.
  2. Framing – Gather and prioritize community concerns and insights.
  3. Options – Show through data analysis and presentation how different options could affect District 15 and gather feedback.
  4. Plan – Create a final plan and present it to the community.


The final District 15 Diversity Plan will include findings and recommendations informed by the Public Workshops and produced by Working Group members with the support of WXY and the DOE. The role of the Diversity Plan is:

  • To inform the DOE’s D15 diversity planning and related diversity initiatives.
  • To develop a community-based road map for short- and long-term improvements in district-level diversity.
  • To ensure our long-term accountability to community residents.


D15 Community

The District 15 community plays an important role throughout the diversity planning process. If you live in District 15, we actively seek your input in public workshops and through other community engagement and public outreach activities. Feedback collected from community members will serve as the foundation for the plan’s framework and recommendations.

Working Group

The members of the D15 Diversity Plan Working Group—stakeholders from across District 15—are guiding the planning process. They are tasked with keeping the process inclusive, accessible, and accountable to all D15 residents. This group also works to; generate interest in public workshops, review and provide feedback on community findings, and, to use these findings to shape the plan’s framework and recommendations.

Working Group Participants:

  • Center for Family Life, SCO Family of Services
  • Chinese Planning Council
  • Coalition for Equitable Schools in District 15
  • Community Education Council District 15
  • District 15 Elementary School Principal – P.S. 32
  • District 15 Middle School Principal – M.S. 51
  • District 15 Middle School Teacher – M.S. 88
  • District 15 Parents for Middle School Equity
  • District 15 Superintendent
  • IntegrateNYC / Park Slope Collegiate
  • Literacy Coach – P.S. 24
  • New York City Department of Education, Central Staff
  • PTA President – P.S. 1
  • PTA Secretary –  M.S. 821
  • Red Hook Community Justice Center
  • SLT Parent Member –  M.S. 821

Public Workshops

The public workshops are organized around the four phases of the D15 Diversity planning process: (1) Introduction – to introduce the community planning and engagement process, (2) Framing – to gather and prioritize insights from community members that will give direction to initiatives and actions, (3) Options – to present draft recommendations and to gather feedback, and (4) to present final draft recommendations to community members.

Advisory Groups

Comprised of organizations with expertise related to issues of school diversity or D15 stakeholders, Advisory Groups will be formed to review community-defined goals and priorities and to provide formal feedback on Working Group findings and recommendations – lending district, citywide, and national expertise and experience to the planning process. Advisory groups will have the chance to provide formal feedback on the findings from Public Workshops #1 and #2, on draft recommendations before Public Workshop #3, and on final draft recommendations before Public Workshop #4.


The facilitators ensure that information and resources are shared across meetings, topic areas, and roles. They work directly with the Working Group and Community Members to develop implementable recommendations for the D15 Diversity Plan.

  • DOE: The New York City Department of Education.
  • WXY: An urban planning and design firm with a focus on civic projects in NYC.
  • Border Crossers: An organization which trains and empowers educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice.


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